Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

A bachelor’s degree in social work, which is also referred to as the B.S.W., is a four-year course of study and includes classroom course work and field experience. This degree prepares students for a career in social and human services. Those who aspire to more advanced careers in social work, such as clinical counseling, must first earn a B.S.W. before pursuing a master’s degree in social work. ¬†Individuals who have completed degrees in sociology or psychology can also seek entry-level positions in social work.

Coursework for Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work Programs

The coursework for a bachelor’s degree in social work can include classes such as:

  • Social Work Practice
  • Issues in Social Welfare
  • History and Philosophy of Social Welfare
  • Diversity and the Struggle for Human Rights
  • Promotion of Social and Economic Justice
  • Social Welfare Policy
  • Social Work Practice
  • Social Research Methods
  • Human Behavior Theory

In addition to this degree, all social workers must pass a bachelor-level examination which is screened by the Association of Social Work Boards.

Career Opportunities for Individuals With a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

Graduates with a B.S.W. can find entry-level jobs in medical clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, private practices, public agencies, private businesses, courts, police departments and other related workplaces. They may work as a case worker, group home worker, mental health assistant or residential counselor. A social worker can choose to specialize in a certain field, such as mental health, substance abuse or child and family social work. Specific jobs include case worker, group home worker, mental health assistant or residential counselor. Social workers can also rise through the ranks to clinical, administrative, supervisory and staff training positions.

Reasons for Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

According to socialworkdegree.org (http://www.socialworkdegree.org/social-work-bachelors), those starting out with just a bachelor of social work can expect an annual salary of up to $30,000, depending on type of work, experience, and location. A higher level of education determines earning potential and having a master’s degree can enhance earning potential.

Online Bachelor’s of Degree in Social Work

Online social work degrees have been offered by some of the renowned online universities, and earning such a degree can help improve skills and knowledge, which is essential in securing higher positions. By considering the option of an online education, students can earn a degree by attending the classes from anywhere in the world. Most of the online degree programs are accelerated, allowing students to earn a degree in just a few months’ time.