Certificate in Social Work

A certificate in social work may be of interest to individuals who work in social and human services, law enforcement or education as a way to enhance their knowledge and skills related to case management and social work practices.

Reasons for Earning a Certificate in Social Work

Students who have completed either an undergraduate or graduate degree in a related discipline such as sociology, psychology or law may wish to pursue a certificate in social work to qualify for a position as a state licensed social worker. Others choose this certificate as a way to enhance their employability in related fields such as counseling, health care and politics (http://education-portal.com/social_worker_certificate.html).

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the vocational outlook for social workers is good, with growth expected in the field of geriatric social work practice (https://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos060.htm). As of May 2008, the BLS reported that the median annual wages for social workers in the United States was $46,220, with over 25 percent working either in a unionized environment or under a union contract.

Career Opportunities for Individuals With a Certificate in Social Work

Candidates who hold a certificate in social work along with a related undergraduate or graduate degree may qualify for mid-level positions in both private and government social service agencies. Jobs in social work are most commonly found in schools, health care settings, rehabilitation centers, prisons and community programs.

Coursework for a Certificate in Social Work

Courses in a social work certificate program may focus on child protection regulations, health care issues, welfare administration and mental health issues. Also included may be training on social statistics and research, fiscal management and supervision.

Online Certificate in Social Work

An online certificate in social work may include both individual and small group work via video conferencing and interactive online classrooms. Most online social work certificate programs require that students be admitted to the program based on strict educational requirements in combination with personal recommendations to the certificate program by a social work professional.

Because social workers interact with vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly and persons with disabilities, candidates for employment in this profession are required to pass a criminal record check and often need to be bondable.


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