Public Administrator Job Description & Career Outlook

Public administrators work in both governmental and non-profit organizations. A public administrator oversees the achievement and regulation of policies in organizations and ensures that everyday operations run smoothly.

Administrative skills are a requirement for a career in public administration because public administrators must see that policies are adhered to. Also, efficient understanding of finance and accounting is a necessity. Administrators should have detailed knowledge of government rules, regulations and policies and the ability to translate those policies into practice.

Public Administrator Requirements and Common Tasks

A bachelor’s degree in public administration is the first step towards an entry-level job in this career. A master’s degree in public administration is required to move up to senior management levels. A Ph.D. allows one to work at all public administration career levels. With the necessary education in public administration, one can decide whether to get into government or non-profit organizations.

Public administrators in the government sector act as civil servants who administer the government’s policies and ensure implementation of its projects. Those in this sector can either work in country, city, state or federal governments.

Those in the private sector basically ensure that the agency’s goals are met. Managers in public administration have the same job description as corporation managers. Examples of non-profit organizations are political organizations, religious groups, animal welfare, and special interest groups.

Public Administrator Salary and Career Outlook

Public administrators shape the future of an organization or government agency depending on their scope of influence. Generally, they earn about $240,000 a year. However, this amount varies depending on the level of education, job description, and the organization one works for.

How to Become a Public Administrator

The first step towards this career is to have the interest and skills required for the job. A degree in Public Administration then has to be achieved for entry-level administrative jobs. Obtaining a Ph.D. in Public Administration allows for the highest possible career advancement.