Social Work Degrees

Earning a social work degree can prepare individuals for an interesting and rewarding career as a social worker. Social workers assist individuals who face difficult challenges in their everyday lives such as a disability, life-threatening disease, abuse, addiction, or poverty. Social workers may work directly with individuals or families to learn about their situation and provide them with assistance to help improve their physical and psychological condition. Other social workers may work on research, planning, or policy to help improve conditions for people.

Why Pursue a Social Work Degree?

A social work degree will help you acquire certification in your state and prepare you for a job as a social worker. A masters or doctorate in social work can help you qualify for management roles or specialization in the field of social work.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Social Work?

A social worker degree holder can pursue a range of different roles in the field of social work. Over half of jobs for social workers are in the healthcare and social assistance industries and a little under a third of jobs are government positions according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Medical social workers often work at hospitals and nursing homes to help people and their families cope with life-altering diseases. School social workers work with children to help them overcome challenges that could prevent them from being successful in school and life. Social workers may also work at mental health or substance abuse clinics to help individuals get back on their feet after treatment. There are also roles in research and planning which involves working on solving societal issues by working on government policy.

Social Work Career Outlook

The US population is growing and getting older which supports the demand for social workers in the future. Jobs for social workers are expected to grow faster than average with 16 percent growth from 2008-2018 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Degree Levels

A bachelor’s degree in social work is a common requirement for many entry-level positions in social work. Additional education like a master’s in social work program can help individuals qualify for positions of leadership or specialization within the social work field. A doctorate in social work can help individuals who wish to become professors of sociology and conduct clinical research.