Social Work Programs

A social work degree program will prepare students for a career in the field of social welfare and human services. An bachelor’s program typically involves a combination of general knowledge courses such as history and psychology as well as a core sociology courses that help students prepare for multiple areas of social work that they may wish to pursue after graduation.


The requirements for earning an undergraduate degree in social work vary by school but typically require 3-4 years of intensive course study. Satisfactory scores on multiple choice exams and research papers are often needed to continue to more advanced courses. Many programs also include a field work component that can be required prior to graduation.

Typical Course Curriculum

  • Principles and Practice in Social Work
  • Human Behavior Theory for Social Work Practice
  • Foundations of Social Work Practice
  • Social Work Research
  • Case Management
  • Social Work and the Law
  • Field Instruction

Online Programs

In addition to on-campus programs, there are also options for online social work degree programs which can be completed from home. This option can be a convenient path for individuals who work a full-time schedule or do not want to travel to the classroom.

Social Work Information by State

Learn how to become a social worker in your state.