Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology

Those who choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in sociology should have an interest in individual and group behavior within organizations. This degree combines psychology, statistics and research and is well suited for someone who may wish to study for an advanced degree following the completion of their bachelor’s degree.

Reasons for Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology

A bachelor’s degree in sociology prepares a graduate for a wide range of careers. Therefore, it is an excellent degree to choose since it can be translated into use in many different fields and professions. It is a wise choice for those who enjoy examining social interactions, causes of behaviors of people in groups and consequences of these behaviors.

Career Opportunities for Individuals With a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology

A bachelor’s degree in sociology prepares a graduate to work in a variety of positions from teaching to communication services, depending on the degree holder’s specialization. Common fields for those who hold a B.A. in Sociology include social services, education, sales and marketing, social science, clerical and administrative support and management. Sociology graduates can anticipate fair to high salaries between $21,700 and $105,000 a year depending on their positions, extra degrees and certificates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, sociology majors working as a social worker make between $21,700 and $74,040 while special education teachers can make between $33,770 and $78,980.

Coursework for Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology Programs

Students can specialize in a certain branch of sociology by deciding which coursework to follow, and this will determine the type of positions they can work in. Courses offered at the B.A. level may vary from one college to another. However, most universities offer courses such as:

  • Principles/Basics of Sociology
  • Ethics
  • Human Behavior
  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Sociology of Family
  • Class and Gender
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Demography

Some universities require an internship before a degree is conferred, while others leave an internship up to the student’s discretion.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology

Some colleges and educational institutions offer online sociology degrees. The courses offered are more or less the same as on-campus programs, and the degrees are recognized worldwide. Today, an online degree in sociology is preferred by many students because it enables them to get a degree on their own time while working full-time or part-time.




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