Governmental Management Degree

A governmental management degree is a broad degree which comprises international affairs, non-profit organizations, broadcasting, public relations, fund-raising, sales, insurance, service organizations and administration (MoreHead). Governing does not only entail working with local and federal legislators, it means knowing the inner workings of organizations and how to associate with them effectively.

How to Become a Governmental Management Manager

Governmental managers, at the least, can pursue work in the field with an associate degree. However, bachelor’s and masters degrees are preferred and people with an advanced degree tend to be more readily hired. Preparatory government management certificate programs are also available and transferable to these programs (Walden.edu). Many students find that dual degrees in either business or public relations improve their job expectations (US News). Topics of study include: criminal justice, law, government management, homeland security, health policies, media, and public relations.

Governmental managers may seek certification through NASPAA or ASPA. Both review and authorize accreditation to certain universities, so students may apply as a certified public administrator. This is a respected accreditation which serves to separate job applicants. Alternatively, students may apply to the Presidential Management Fellows program, which is a highly respected program within the U.S. government. This program is challenging, includes life experience and graduates receive priority job interview selection (PMF.gov). Otherwise, many interns can acquire the valuable contacts and experience necessary to break into the field through an internship. Job competition is fierce, but jobs are attainable for those with the right credentials. Many can work within non-profit and for-profit corporations.

Governmental Management Degree Curriculum

Some common courses in governmental management include:

  • Introduction to Public Administration
  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Applied Statistics for Policy and Management
  • Introduction to Regional and Urban Studies
  • Foreign Language
  • Introduction to Fiscal Analysis


Governmental Management Degrees & Certificates

Governmental management careers with a bachelor’s or master degree include: staff administration, campaign management, special interest advocate, appointed leadership, sales, human resources, advertising and public relations (HeadState). Salary potential varies between $34,000 and $102,000 (GGU.edu.)