Master’s Degree in Sociology

A master’s degree is well-suited for those whose goal is to reach top-level careers in the field of sociology. Upon successful completion of this degree, the graduate is qualified to provide professional services involving social development, social research or community services.

Reasons for Earning a Master’s Degree in Sociology

Earning this degree will help the graduate lay a solid foundation in the study of sociology. This degree is best suited for someone wanting to apply for managerial or research positions involving sociology and the study of society. A potential increase in income can also be expected for those earning a master’s degree in sociology. Graduates will be well-positioned to apply for more lucrative positions within their field and can earn at least $3,000-5,000 more than their current salary.

Career Opportunities for Individuals with a Master’s Degree in Sociology

With a master’s degree in sociology, a person can work in a variety of public and private organizations. He or she will be qualified to apply for jobs such as research associate, consultant, public relations manager, charity director and social services coordinator. Salary depends on whether a person works for a government or private agency. The median average annual salary for someone with a master’s degree in sociology is $48,000.

Coursework for Master’s Degree in Sociology Programs

A master’s degree in sociology program will include courses such as:

  • Research Methods in Sociology
  • Social Interaction
  • Contemporary Psychology
  • Urban Sociology
  • Social Research

Most master’s programs in sociology will require the student to complete a thesis or research project. The student will be assigned a thesis supervisor and there is usually an oral exam to defend the thesis before a final grade is given.

Online Master’s Degree in Sociology

There are a number of programs that allow the student to study for an online master’s degree in sociology. The degree requires completion of an additional 15-30 credit hours above the credits for the bachelor’s degree program in sociology. If the degree is obtained through distance education from an accredited university, no further study is needed.