Political Management Degree

Political management is a career within the sociology field which involves working within politics. Areas in which a political manager works are in grass roots campaigning, investigating a candidate’s opposition, campaign management, lobbying, managing fundraising events and polling. In order to get into the field of political management you will need to have an interest in politics and you must have an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, preferably in a related field, although schools do take students from a variety of educational backgrounds.

How to Become a Political Management Professional

In order to become a political manager you must earn a graduate degree in political management. Political management degree programs are available at many schools across the country, but you must have a bachelor’s degree and a good GPA in order to be accepted onto these programs. Many political management degrees focus on areas within the field such as political skills, electoral politics and advocacy politics.

Political Management Degree Curriculum

Most degree programs generally consist of twelve core courses. Students typically take classes which include:

  • Strategic Research
  • Speechwriting
  • Political Leadership
  • Ethics
  • Research Methods
  • Fundamentals of Political Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Communication Strategy
  • Political Management and Media
  • Leadership Theory
  • Public Opinion Dynamics

Political Management Degrees & Certificates

Those who graduate with a degree in political management will be able to work in many different areas in the political management field. Most graduates tend to land jobs within the field, or those in related fields. Many graduates are hired as a lobbyist, a campaign manager, or a pollster. They can also find jobs as campaign managers, speechwriters, consultants and opposition researchers.

The average salary in the political management field is $70,000. However, political management salaries vary depending on the area a person specializes in. For example, the average salary for a campaign manager varies between $55,000 to $65,000, depending on the state. The average salary for a lobbyist varies between $70,000 to $80,000, depending on the area one works in. A degree in political management can open up many career opportunities within the political field, but also within other fields such as business and law.