Women’s Studies Degree

A women’s studies degree will open the door to a long list of careers based on this field of study. Employers need people who possess a well-rounded degree in liberal arts. Women’s studies is a general topic degree that discusses all areas pertaining to women. Someone employed with a women’s studies degree will help an organization in issues pertaining to gender and equality. These issues include race, pay equity, parental leave, harassment, discrimination and socio-economic backgrounds. A person who would like to work in jobs involving women’s studies should have a sensitivity and understanding of the current issues facing women in society. Specialists will be required to know the law as it applies to women in the workplace, in regards to maternity leave, benefits and salary.

How to Become a Women’s Studies Specialist

The minimum requirement to become a women’s studies specialist is a bachelor’s degree. Someone in a managerial position or creating public policy will require a masters or doctorate degree in women’s studies. Other examples of degrees include Gender and Women’s Studies, Gender and Policy, and Specialist degree in women’s studies. There are currently no professional certification programs for this area of study, but it is possible to apply for membership in the National Women’s Studies Association.

Women’s Studies Degree Curriculum

Some examples of courses in the curriculum for a women’s studies degree include:

  • Sociology
  • Sexual Identity
  • Gender Identities
  • Feminist Theories
  • Women’s Studies
  • Western Culture
  • Women and Power
  • Women’s History
  • Geography and Women
  • Modern American Women
  • Feminism Methodologies
  • Women in Politics

Any sector that deals with women and gender issues, or agencies that are responsible for creating gender or public policy in regards to women, will need graduates with women’s studies degrees. When someone graduates from a women’s education program, they are qualified to apply for positions such as a women’s studies specialist, women’s health center advisor, community health specialist, police department advisor, women’s studies professor or women’s advisory group manager. In terms of salary, the average salary will reflect the sector the person finds a job in. The median average salary per year for a career as a women’s studies specialist is $50,000.